Pool Decks

Pool Decking aka Spray Deck aka Cool Deck

Craftsman Coatings is your licensed pool deck contractor and partner in creating a beautiful pool deck surface.

Las Vegas Pool Deck Services

Pool decking is known by many names “pool decking”, “spray decking”, knockdown spray texture” and “cool decking” yet its all very similar and normally the only differences are between the brand of the product and the contractor that installs it. That’s why picking an experienced contractor is key.

We have a skilled crew of Craftsmen that specialize in pool deck resurfacing for commercial and residential projects and pair this with high grade coatings for recipe for success.

Our skilled experts specialize in pool deck resurfacing for commercial and residential projects . Resurfacing is an attractive solution to the unsightly problem of worn out and outdated pool decks. Pair this with high-grade overlays or coatings and you’ll have a quality customized answer to your pool decking woes. Spray deck is comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and require little upkeep. This spray texture coating creates slip-resistant barriers which improve traction on wet areas and greatly reduces accidental falls.

New installations are usually done at the time your pool is installed yet they can be applied any time over any existing concrete in your backyard or even your front walkway.

Repairs are going to be needed eventually as the deck stands up to the direct sun and pool chemicals. We take the stress out of the process with fast, clean and affordable texture, crack and color repairs.

Recoloring is often all your deck needs to spring it back into life. We use a specialty pool deck color coat that resists peeling and fading. It also comes in select colors that REFLECT the heat!