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Craftsman Coatings owns our grinding equipment which saves you money!

Other contractors rent grinding machines. They add that rental cost to their bids.

There is no learning curve with our team because we use our equipment daily, and we know how to operate for the best results and lowest prices!

Here are just few Benefits of Concrete GRINDING & POLISHING:

  • Grind and Gloss Service
  • Epoxy Preparation Service 
  • Removal of Epoxy, coatings, carpet glue, thin set, stains, floor paint and sealer
  • Concrete Polishing (available in low, medium, and high gloss finishes)

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Grinding & Polishing Examples

Why Choose Us?

We provide economical solutions for the beautiful look of polished concrete. Finished concrete is both a popular interior floor for both commercial and residential. High gloss or matte finish are available. Grey concrete may not be the right color for your project, but do you love the durability? That’s okay! We can stain or dye the concrete to almost any color and the color won’t peel or chip.

  • Long time Las Vegas resident, and our community matters to us.
  • Las Vegas concrete coating professional since 1996.
  • Preparation is key to the success of a coating project. We have the equipment to do it correctly so your next coating project lasts.