Garage Floors

Do you take your garage floors for GRANITE©?

You should! Craftsman Granite Look garage flooring is a must have in today’s home.

We offer our unique HYBRID Polyaspartic system for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE!

For NEW HOME buyers it’s the first thing they do before they moving trucks come and the water softener gets installed.   For your existing home it’s the perfect time to extend the feel of living space with a finished garage floors that is so easy to clean. Now your garage floor is transformed from a place your car parks into a multipurpose room and YES you can still park on it,  it’s even strong enough to park your private jet on it!

Amazing Restorations

Before After

Durability and longevity is the first thing on everybody’s mind. James was the first to install epoxy flake garage floors in Las Vegas and you can see what one over 20 years old looks like in this VIDEO.

What makes a Craftsman Garage Floor the best in Las Vegas?  VALUE.   How do you get the highest quality materials and installation for the lowest price… that is the value we achieve everyday!

Do you want an even more custom garage!?  Check out our Metallic Epoxy (UVR) and Custom LOGO Flooring!