Garage Floors

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The other guys charge an average of $4.00 per sqft

ONLY $1.90 per sqft with Craftsman Coatings

Here are just few Benefits of EPOXY Flooring:

  • It looks AWESOME
  • Very durable (protects from stains and everyday wear & tear)
  • Very easy to clean and keep clean
  • Less dust in your home. (Bare concrete can create a lot of dust)
  • It lasts practically forever.
  • *Grinding for ultimate preparation included.*
  • *UV Resistant (won't change colors)*
  • *Hot tire resistant*
  • *Resistant to automotive fluids.*

FACT: Craftsman Coatings has the oldest and first flake garage floor in Las Vegas from 1997. No Peeling and No Stains!

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Garage Floor Coating Examples


What is a Craftsman Garage Floor Coating?

Surface preparation is key to the longevity of every coating.  This is why we grind every garage floor prior to the application.  This removes the soft cream on the surface of the concrete that is weaker than the concrete just bellow the surface. Grinding removes oil spots completely off the surface that are saturated and contaminating the surface. Our grinding process opens the concrete surface and allows the primer coat to soak deep into the clean concrete for maximum bond.
Our unique system has a UV resistant 2 part epoxy primer that penetrates deep into the prepared surface.  A base coat acts as a background color for the flakes. Flakes are broadcast into the wet coating and it cures, like "glue", the flakes into itself.  The excess decorative flakes are removed and a quick drying clear coat is applied.  A final application of chemical resistant urethane (CRU) that is a two part aliphatic polyester 2 part polyurethane.  It is chemical resistant and resistant to ultraviolet rays (UVR).  This ensures your floor does not stain or fade with time.
1 day installations are available and accelerators can be added for quick return to service installations!
We are happy you've chosen a Craftsman Coating and we know you will love your investment for years to come.