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Enhance and enjoy your home with a beautiful resurfaced driveway, patio area, or walkway. We make old concrete look better than new with our amazing concrete coating services. 

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More Than Just Curb Appeal: Why Concrete Resurfacing is an Effective Money-Saver for Homeowners

Replacing old concrete can be one of the most cost-intensive, inconvenient, and disruptive maintenance activities a homeowner can undertake.

Did you know that in the vast majority of cases concrete replacement is completely unnecessary?

Most of the time, a homeowner begins considering replacement due to concrete surfaces on the property beginning to crack, chip away, or look dirty—and no amount of pressure washing seems to do the trick. This problem is especially prominent in Phoenix, on account of our extreme temperatures. The summers are blazingly hot, and the winters often get quite cold. These temperature fluctuations can and will wreak havoc on concrete given enough time.

Rather than tearing up and replacing concrete, why no opt to resurface the concrete resurfacing for your home as an effective, far more affordable alternative. Let’s take a moment to explore how concrete refinishing works:

Understanding Concrete Resurfacing and Concrete CoatingsConcrete resurfacing is the process by which a thin-yet-durable overlay is poured over a homeowner’s currently existing concrete. This cement-based compound has a bonding agent that seamlessly grips it to the worn out concrete underneath.

The compounds in a concrete coating are generally designed to be incredibly durable and stain-resistant. We say “generally” here because just like any other product on the market there are sub-par imitators, which is why our experience and reputation matter!   The right concrete coating can make your driveway, sidewalk, or patio look completely new… without the cost of actual concrete replacement.

Popular Types of Concrete Coating in Las Vegas

Concrete refinishing should focus on using materials with the following attributes:

  • Weather-resistance
  • Stain-resistance (including tire marks)
  • Non-slip (if desired)
  • Durability
  • Includes warranty
  • Choice of color(s)

In addition to the functionality of the coating, Southern Nevada homeowners should also consider how they want their concrete to look. In the majority of cases, the functional benefits of the compound (e.g., durability and strength) aren’t impacted by the look of the finish—meaning that homeowners can have just about any look they want.

Concrete coatings open up a whole new world of design and function to your project!

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